Celebrate Life and the

Goodness of Wine

Winery and Vineyard Tours, Tastings, and Special Events

Celebrate Life and the

Goodness of Wine

Winery and Vineyard Tours, Tastings, and Special Events

Upcoming Events

Salmon or Steak Dinner

Our Steak or Salmon Dinner are on
September 9th and October 14th

A glass of wine and bottle on an outdoor table.

A Legacy of Quality Wines

Welcome to Meranda Nixon Winery, where legacy and innovation blend seamlessly with the rich agricultural history of our family-owned farm, previously dedicated to tobacco and grains. The changing tides of the tobacco industry led us to explore new ventures, eventually spurring the establishment of our vineyards and winery. This strategic decision allowed us to transition into grape cultivation and winemaking, a testament to our ability to adapt and thrive amid changing circumstances.

Our winery and vineyards honor our family's agricultural heritage while infusing innovation and adapting to evolving economic and cultural factors. With a commitment to quality and tradition, we aim to preserve our connection to the land while contributing to the revitalization of the local agricultural landscape.

Experience Our Wine Tasting Journey

Set in a charming one-story building, our tasting room offers a unique setting to savor our exceptional wines. Shaded seating under umbrellas and stunning vineyard views create a tranquil haven for wine lovers. Our tastefully arranged tables and expansive windows framing the vineyard views promise an unforgettable wine-tasting experience.

Indulge in Our Wine and Dine Experiences

Join us on the second Saturday of every month for a delightful culinary experience. Our gourmet food and fine wine pairing features two distinct entrées, steak or salmon, each complemented by a bottle of our own fine wine. Reservations in advance are required for this intimate experience. Enjoy an evening that caters to your senses and pleases the palate.

About Us

At Meranda Nixon Winery, we're passionate about offering unique vineyard and winery tours in the picturesque landscape of Ohio. Since opening, we've become renowned for creating fine wines from the most exquisite Ohio grapes. Connect with us to build a lifetime of memories.

New Releases

We invite you to sample our new releases during your visit. Taste the diverse flavors of our 2021 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, 2021 Estate Cabernet Franc, and 2021 No. 18 Estate Norton, each offering a unique profile reflecting our winemaking techniques and the region's character.

Explore Our Wine List

Our wine list offers a selection of superior red and white wines, each a testament to the quality and dedication of our Ripley, Ohio, vineyard.

Contact Us For Unforgettable Winery Tours

Experience unforgettable vineyard and winery tours at Meranda Nixon Winery. Leave with a lifetime of memories and, of course, a few bottles of our exceptional wines.